Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Finding The Word of God

I'm excited! Bible study lately have been so cool. It really makes a difference when the Lord Himself shows up. I teach two groups each week using the exact same materials, but the two groups could not be more unalike.

One group is composed of people who know each other well and at first they seem to be interested in understanding the scriptures. But there is a hint of "let's learn stuff, but not get too close" kind of attitude. They do want to be educated (i.e. head knowledge) but not for the purpose of really applying the truth pragmatically. Without practical application, discovering the Living Word seems fairly useless. There have been some issues with gossip and the people just don't seem to genuinely want to get serious about making Jesus Lord. They are a lot like the stony ground Jesus speaks of in the parable of the sower.

The other group generally is presented with the same material, but their response is like Jonah's message to Ninevah. They are quick to see the Word and are cut to the heart. They respond with repentance. Instead of trying to point the finger at others, they realize that it is them that needs changing. There is expectation of the presence of the Lord Himself and guess what, He is there. They seem a lot like the fertile ground in the parable of the sower.

I am amazed. The Truth I am getting from this situation is the realization that it is the combination of the message with the expectation of the people that brings about the true Word of God. I teach that the Word of God is our goal, but in the parable of the sower, it is represented in two parts. First there is a broadcasting of the word (represented by the seed). This is what is meant by the Greek word "logos" meaning Word of God. The seed is given to the soils, but only when it is able to get into the fertile soil is it able to germinate, sprout roots and grow. When it is received by the soil and begins to grow is what is meant by the Greek word "rhema" meaning Word of God. These two must come together for the true Word of God to be made known.

Clearly this is what is happening. Thank you Lord for letting me see!

Rev. Bob Ellis


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